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Art News

Her Studio - Art & Life of Women Artists was successfully held at Galeri Art Point on June 22 to July 6, 2013. The participants were 18 women artists from  Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai and USA.


Eight women artists from Singapore were among the participants of the show were among the guests at the opening. They join the  “Hand-on Ceramic painting workshop” at CFA Arts Center (Conservatory of Fine Arts @ Sunny Point Complex) and their works were exhibited at the exhibition.   Other related activities includes outdoor sketching at the fishing village and Hakka Village at Balik Pulau

Ceramic painting workshop at CFA Arts Center
(Conservatory of Fine Arts @ Sunny Point ( 21 July 2013)

On the spot sketching at the fishing village, Balik Pulau,
Penang ( 24 July 2013)


Art News- Nov 2009 -2010


 Honor  荣誉

Russian Academy of Arts Announces Yuen Chee Ling as New Honorary Member of the Russia Academy of Arts

Recently, Dr. Yuen Chee Ling from Penang was invited by the Association of Russian’s Women Artists as international advisor of the Project of Moscow International Festival devoted to 100-years Anniversary of International Women’s Day March 8, 2013.  She was elected as Honorary Member of The Russian Academy of Arts in honour of her artistic achievement and her status as outstanding figure in the world culture and arts. 

The announcement ceremony was held at Moscow Central House of Artists on May 8. The Vice President of the Russian Academy of Arts, Oleg A. Koshkin presented the special robe and hat of honorary member to Dr. Yuen Chee Ling. She received from the hand of Oleg A. Koshkin, the Vice President of RAA : the certificate, breastplate with the emblem of the Russian Academy of Arts which resembles traditional symbols of the Imperial Academy of Arts and a passport to all the world museums.

The Russian Academy of Arts, established in  In the 18th Century, is  the most prestigious imperial academy of arts in Russia.  It has been classed by a decree of the President of the Russian Federation as one of the nation’s most precious cultural institutions. The Academy is a successor of traditions of the  Academy of Three Noble Arts established in 1757 to promote the development of Russian fine arts. Honorary members are elected among outstanding figures of world culture and arts. Dr.Yuen Chee Ling is the first and only women in Malaysia to receive the honour.

To know more about Dr. Yuen Chee Ling ,please go to website:


www.penang-artists. com 
provides the following info:

> The famous Penang artists. 
> what is happening in Penang art scene? 
> Essays about the development of art in Penang and Malaysian  by art critics and art historians
>list of over 300 Penang artists

Yeong Seak Ling,
Kampung Life
Series 281105 (2006)
oil on canvas , 31x31in
杨淅麟 [马来乡村系列-摇篮],油画

More artworks by Yeong Seak Ling at website:

Yuen  Chee Ling,
Chap Goh Meh II,
Oil on canvas (2005)
源子玲  [ 元宵夜 系列 之二 ] 油画

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International Artists

featuring the artists and artworks of the members of  ArtGrup-Penang

established in 2003

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About Her Presence In Colours Exhibtiion I- VIII-
featuring the artworks of women artists from Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam.....


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